“World-Famous Discoveries” — Purely Facts and Insight

Lowell Bassi
3 min readNov 2, 2021


Many of my stories are situated around novels and social issues and themes. But let’s not forget, that we can always appreciate a nice factual book, reminding us that we are human and that science exists.

The cover is symbolic of how we break the shell of knowledge.

It’s a quick one.

This book is a tattered book which was on my bookshelf for so many years, idly waiting for it to be read. My mother bought it from India once for us to read, but at that time, this seemed too daunting to be taking in random information which I believed had no relevance to my life. I’m happy that at last I willed myself to get rid of the elephant in the room. By the end of this facts and stats, it was more enjoyable than I had formerly believed so.

Many things that helped gauge my interest in this information collection, mainly because random information wasn’t shoved in my face for me to clean out and digest, rather there were different sections to differentiate the different discoveries. Let me know before you read on what discoveries you might expect in this book (the discovery of space etc.). There are a surplus of discoveries, and this book attempts to pluck out the ones which they think are quite significant.

Many of them were relevant to the planets, astronomy and space. I personally don’t mind them providing this knowledge, but it would always be appreciated if they put equal emphasis on other areas of science like biology and chemistry. There are some interesting things that I learnt in the section of “The Discovery of the Moon”. When the moon glows at night, it’s not the moon emanating its own source of light, it’s actually the sun. They did give some features on the radius of these planets, and their moons which did add to interest. Despite the many different aspects which these world famous discoveries hold, they all seem to be progressive, and not one person has completely solved the puzzle by themselves.

For example, J. J. Thomson did his part in conceptualising the theory of the electron, but it was his student and his son that made those final conclusions. All three of them were Nobel prize Laureates. One thing that I found a bit bizarre, was that all these world famous discoveries, were all related to science, and there wasn’t something that was simply plain and orthodox. However many of you will acknowledge that this is not the case, as everything we are living in, is built on the basis of science!

You can see my drawing out tiny references sometimes from this book of scientific knowledge, although there is simply no story, no plotline, simply the recount and compilation of scientific events. Even still, there are the ways in which books can sometimes be influenced. In some sections of this book, they overly emphasise and laud the Indian society for their respective discoveries, and don’t credit other people of the world.

There are many things that I can draw on constantly about random things about Jupiter and ethereal stars, so I’m going to mention my favourite discovery in the book, this being “The Discovery of Life in Plants”. It’s interesting to see how we perceive that do plants really feel and interpret pain. It mainly talks about how he creates different tools to measure this, like the Crescograph.



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